Spring Sprinklers

Complete Irrigation Installation and Repairs are available:

Save On Sprinklers located in Bellmore, New York, offers professional irrigation installation and repairs to keep water flow and distribution in your home or office's yard unhampered. We offer the following irrigation services:

Renovate your existing Sprinkler System today.

Save-On Sprinklers is a New York State Certified Back Flow Testing Company-Call and schedule to have your Backflow tested today.

We also offer Installation of Backflow devices and Pressure Vaccum Breakers as per NY American water.

Spring Startup Package
• Re-open system and ensure all components are in working order after winter.
• Open water sources and turn on all electrical components. 
• Adjust and check sprinkler heads for rotation, spray patterns, and nozzle adjustment, including time clock adjustment.

Winterizing Package
• Prepare irrigation system for the winter to avoid freezing problems in system.
• Blow all water out of the sprinkler lines  with Commercial grade compressor to prevent freezing the lines.
• Repairs and upgrades are available at this time.

Sprinkler - Irrigation Repair

Equipment Check List

Trust us to identify any mechanical trouble affecting your irrigation system. We make sure all parts and components are working properly, and we leave without any damage to your property in any way. Our standard repair procedure includes checking for any damage on the following:

Rain Sensor
• This device allows the irrigation system to automatically shut off and conserve water when it's raining.

• The controller-timer is mounted in the basement or garage and sets times and zones for watering. Once programmed, you will be able to make adjustments to your programs with a few simple steps.

We are New York State Certified  Backflow Testers and we install Pressure Vacuum Breakers and Backflow devices to make sure your system is functioning properly. We keep unsafe water away from your clean water supply.

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